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This is how we reveal your position.

This is how we reveal your position.

About Us.

You could say we’re a “personal-sized” marketing agency, with big capabilities to guide each brand we represent to its optimal destination.

Our mission is to deliver individualized attention and produce superior results. We use a team-based structure when it comes to serving the needs of our clients. Account strategy, creative, interactive, media, analytics and other disciplines all work collaboratively together. Our team of people, and the way each one of us thinks, is the difference. It’s really what sets us apart from other agencies.

The core team who keeps our brand strategies and executions in alignment:

Rick Belinson | President & Brand Strategist
> Amanda Nyen | Account Strategist & Media Director
> Carol Merry | Senior Art Director
> Sheila McKay | Digital Marketing Analyst
> Jenn Hott-Leitsch | Web Developer & Online Marketing Specialist
> Kacey Kaderly | Web Developer & SEO/SEM
> Jennifer Hankins | Accounting & Office Manager

We come together every day because we love marketing, we take representing our clients’ brands seriously, and we are always imagining what could come next. We ask a lot of questions, because we want to hear (and learn from) what you say. Our best long-term partnerships have been based more on listening than just talking. But we will ask you “Why?”, to gain the insights required to understand your mission, as well as “Why Not?”, to challenge everyone involved to think differently and creatively about your situation.



Positioning your brand.

The goal is to communicate your strengths, your differences, and what they really mean…to an industry, to a customer, to solving a problem, to providing the right answer. You have your own unique brand story. It is special to you, it can become very personal, and it matters. Everything we do for your brand needs to matter. It Should Matter. It Must Matter. The agency that represents your company should treat it that way. We do.

Points of interest we may use to navigate your brand, to keep it in alignment:


  • Strategic Planning 

  • Internal/External Brand Identity and Positioning 

  • Content Generation, Copywriting and Storytelling 

  • Online, Digital and Print Advertising 

  • Website Design, Development and Optimization 

  • Targeting Email and Direct Marketing 

  • Sales Collateral Materials 

  • Media Analysis and Recommendations 

  • Data Management and Reporting 

  • Event Marketing and Support 

You’ll find it here at fortytwoeightynine.

Case Studies.

This is a great example of a well-established, global company who tasked our agency to be responsible for multiple brand families in North America (most notably their Dairy Group), for which we not only produced print advertising campaigns within their corporate design guidelines, but we were allowed the opportunity to add “some fun” to DSM’s brand personality with a cheese sculpture of the Statue of Liberty.

Consistency and relevancy are key elements for a successful brand identity, which brought Cotta to our agency’s doorstep. Redefining their brand position as a manufacturer of high- performance engineered gearboxes for diverse applications, away from the perception of being an industrial transmission supplier, was our starting point in creating their new brand presence, collateral materials, website with online cart, and upcoming trade media.

Onsite promotion at wakeboarding competitions with signage, branded apparel, Instagram contests, and an engaging microsite broke the mold of ZF’s typical advertising standards. This effort to grow their presence in watersports propulsion was recognized as a “Best-Of Campaign” by upper management at ZF’s global headquarters in Germany, due to its originality and the results generated from product sales in this previously untapped market.

Tapping into our decade of experience in the finishing market enabled us to expand Rohner’s presence, from being thought of as a regional supplier in the Northwest U.S. to becoming a Top 3 brand of spray booths on a national level. Our integrated effort included a new visual identity, web presence, sales materials and direct mail, regional dealer support, targeted SEO, tradeshow support, editorial and press interviews, and segmented e-blasts.


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