ZF Case Study.

For this global brand of automotive, marine, industrial and other special driveline technologies that we’ve worked with for over 20 years, video marketing has become more of a vital part of our overall communication strategy. YouTube has become the number-two search engine, with only Google ahead of it. Over 80% of all Internet users watch online video content on a monthly basis, with a growing majority viewing weekly. 70% of consumers claim they would rather watch video than read text, with 50% expecting to see video content from those brands that they prefer to use. Customers have become more engaged with the ZF brand online, staying longer on the website and visiting the YouTube channel more frequently, which increases the likelihood of taking the next step and contacting ZF for more information about their products.

The visual content developed for ZF has ranged from showing a “day in the life” of ZF sales reps, to on-location customer installations and success stories, to introducing a new product line at a tradeshow or industry event. These videos have become powerful storytelling tools that have been shared across their websites, social media channels, and in sales presentations. From initial concept to script development, through to final edit and production, our agency has been helping ZF tell these types of visual stories for a variety of product applications to a diverse mix of audiences – including Marine, Rail, and Aviation, as well as specialized drivelines for companies like Bigfoot Monster Trucks.

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