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FX3 Plastics

"My expectations for what our brand could become and how it should be represented, with a limited timeframe and budget, were surpassed. With my busy schedule, I didn’t have a lot of spare time available for a bunch of meetings. But 4289 asked all the right questions within a matter of minutes, discovered and tapped into my vision for FX3 rather quickly, and created our new brand identity in a very timely and effective manner. The result is a more professional look and on-target message than I expected to end up with when starting to look for outside marketing help. They really got who we were and wanted to be."

- Dan Keller, Owner of FX3 Plastics


"ZF's relationship with 4289 started in 1999. We needed a fresh approach at that time, and 20 years later they continue to deliver. Success is based on collaboration, and they’re never shy to ask a question or pitch a thought. Even with our restrictive corporate design guidelines, 4289 comes up with innovative ideas for effective marketing. When ZF needed to shift course this past year, from focusing less on OEM product sales to more on our repowering services, they helped create our new ‘ZF Repropulsion’ brand identity and comprehensive marketing strategy within just a few months turnaround. Initial results include over 5,000 visits to the Repropulsion section they developed on our website, over 40 people signed up to attend our repower seminars, online interaction with us increased 30%, and this new message has quickly taken hold among boat owners, our dealers and local marinas."

- Martin Meissner, Marketing Manager


"The team at 4289 found that ‘sweet spot’ of keeping our repeat website visitors, about 850 average per month, interested in our custom-built products. Monthly campaigns featuring a specific topic or application solved by a customized solution have been done through published content, email blasts, testimonials, SEO, PR and targeted webpages. The results are monitored through analytics, and then reported and reviewed personally with me, to measure success and assess our next-step plans for the upcoming month or two. Since the start of these ‘mini-campaigns’, Cotta has seen a 25% increase in customer opt-ins and over 150 inquiry submissions for new products, replacement parts and reman services. Their efforts have really solidified our presence in a defined and targeted customer space."

- Jim Hoadley, President of Cotta

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