Rockford Manufacturing Group Case Study.

Consistency and relevancy are key elements for a successful brand identity, which brought Rockford Manufacturing Group to our agency’s doorstep. With a recent history of supporting multiple product brands with a variety of audiences, a disconnect had developed across their diverse B2B industrial manufacturing customer base. Redefining their brand position as a leading manufacturer of customized wire processing systems and straighten and cut machines, while integrating their several existing brands of equipment, was our starting point in creating a new branding strategy. Our new messaging needed to help solidify their local/regional base while expanding their presence on an international level.

First, we upgraded their online brand presence with a redesigned and reorganized website to better represent each of the RMG, Lewis Machine, and Fastener Engineers product lines, as well as Rockford Manufacturing Group’s parts, tooling and support services. This process also allowed us to take a fresh look at how all of their sales and technical information had been organized in their product catalog. Upon launch of the website, which has been receiving positive commentary from their customers, we are now in the process of driving more traffic to it, and increasing customer engagement, through content generation and curation, product training videos, email blasts, organic and paid SEO, targeted digital media, and other lead generation efforts.

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