Cotta Case Study.

Our starting point in creating a new brand presence was for Cotta to recognize themselves as a manufacturer of high-performance engineered gearboxes used in diverse applications, and to get away from the perception of just being another industrial transmission supplier.  After months of customer research, internal interviews and competitive analysis, we approached Cotta with a plan to redefine their brand position that included a new logo and tagline, a redesigned and reorganized website with an online parts selector, tradeshow graphics and sales support, and a new product catalog specifically for high-speed gearboxes. Once these elements were put into effect, time went by to allow our new brand message to connect within key target markets, and for Cotta to get comfortable with their new identity. As a result, we discovered the “sweet spot” was to keep their repeat site visitors (of 800-900 per month) interested in their products and their people.

A cycle of monthly campaigns that feature a specific “topic of the month” has been executed through published content, email blasts, testimonials, SEO, PR and targeted webpages. The results of each mini-campaign are monitored with analytics and tagging, then reported and reviewed with Cotta management, in order to measure success and consistently assess our upcoming plans for the next 30-60 days. Since the inception of these mini-campaigns, Cotta has seen a consistent increase in customer opt-ins and inquiry submissions for new products, and also for their replacement parts and reman services – further solidifying their presence in a well-defined customer space.

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