On average, Google gets about 12 billion desktop searches per month in the U.S.A. Following Google’s near monopoly are Microsoft sites at 3.7 billion, Yahoo sites at 2.2 billion, Ask Network with 372 million, and AOL with 222 million. So, what exactly do all of these numbers mean? Well, basically, that people have a lot… Read more »

The time has come to think about your next marketing investment. This quarter, your choice is to invest in SEO or a new print ad. Which do you choose? On one hand, you know having a digital presence is key, and you understand haphazardly throwing a website together, leaving it untouched for months and assuming… Read more »

People have to shop, and heck, some of us may even enjoy it. For many, shopping involves research and for 61% of global internet users, product research is conducted online. Let’s think about it this way: you need an item, you’re in a rush, you have screaming kids with you and the game starts in… Read more »

In high school or Olympic sports, first, second, and third placers always get the coveted trophy or medal and get to stand on the revered pedestals, while everyone else receives a polite handshake, smile or “thanks for participating.”  There may be 200 competitors, but those first 3 are the ones who are remembered most. Never… Read more »

86% of internet users stated that using a search engine allowed them to learn something new or important that helped increase their knowledge. How many times in recent years have you heard someone answer a question with the phrase “I don’t know, just Google it”? The idea of utilizing our devices as a lightning-fast card… Read more »

YouTube, the growing mega giant, need I say more? What started as a sensation for watching music videos, candid camera moments, and funny cat videos has evolved into so much more than its humble beginnings. Now in 2016, you can hop on YouTube and learn how to install a ceiling fan, rent a movie, you… Read more »

As an agency, we spend a lot of time at trade shows. We don’t exhibit, and we don’t attend for the same reasons as most of the attendees. We attend these shows to show support for our clients who are exhibiting. Additionally, trade shows are a great place to keep up with what is happening in… Read more »

50% of all mobile searches are conducted of finding local results. 61% of those results lead to a purchase. If your brand hasn’t become mobile-friendly by 2016, you’re missing out on one of the fundamental elements of marketing: meeting people where they are. Anymore, every hand you look at seems to have a mobile device… Read more »

In 2016, you can learn just about anything on the internet. With websites like YouTube, Pinterest, and The DIY Network, getting information and learning new skills are sometimes as simple as following 5 steps. These self-help video channels and others like it have inspired countless amounts of people to stretch their creativity, workmanship and patience…. Read more »

In life, there are times when we just need to talk. And for many of us, we have a go-to person. A person we can cry to when our dog runs away, when we get a flat tire, endure a breakup or need to be reassured that the new jeans recently purchased do not in… Read more »